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Gas Street Works is a creative production company. Our mission is to make videos and animations that move audiences, change behaviours and make a difference.

Established in 2001 by two former TV producer/directors, we’ve been honing our craft for a lot longer than most of our competitors. Over the years our working processes have been refined and developed to make budgets work harder and go further. Today, we continue to work to the highest TV technical and quality standards whilst always striving to push the boundaries of creativity.

We work with companies and organisations of all sizes including agencies, start ups and SMEs, as well as national and global brands across sectors as diverse as retail, health, education, finance, transport, medical and engineering. Our videos and animations drive sales, ensure audience engagement at events, draw attention at exhibitions, deliver training goals and boost employee performance.

We believe that effective communications must fully engage their audience. Before thinking about the creative possibilities of your project, we ensure we understand its purpose and how it will be used, as well as your audience’s needs, fears and aspirations. As well as identifying and engaging your audience, we’ll also work hard to ensure that your strategic goals are met.

Our creative, technical and editorial excellence is underpinned by first class customer service. Our aim is to assure complete client satisfaction both with the working process and the end product, always delivering on time and to the agreed budget.

We love what we do and we work hard to ensure that you will too.

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