How We Work

Getting A Quote

The first thing we’ll do is find out what you want to achieve, who your audience is and how you’re planning to use the video or animation. These are the key parts of a production brief and the essential first step in the process.

Get in touch if you’d like us to send you a template of a brief to help you think through your project. Or we can write one up for you, simply by asking you a set of questions. Once we’ve typed that up, we’ll send it through to you to confirm all details are correct.

Once we’ve got your brief we’ll do some basic research, explore options and develop creative ideas to best deliver the goals of your project. When that’s all done we’ll write up a project proposal and send that to you. The proposal sets out the project scope including a fixed cost to do the work.

It will also include a synopsis of your brief, creative treatment with examples of similar pieces of work to help explain our thinking. We’ll also write up a few paragraphs about how we’ll work on your project, explaining the production process as well as an itemised work schedule, confirming the delivery date.

The project proposal should give you all the information required to make an informed decision on whether to proceed or not. Up to this point it’s all done on a no-obligation basis.

Getting Started

When you give us the green light to proceed, we’ll ask you to raise a purchase order and we’ll then assign you a producer/director. This will normally be the same person who has worked with you to develop your brief and the creative treatment. Your assigned producer/director will oversee the project and be your main point of contact throughout, including attendance at all meetings and managing all the review and sign off stages.

All projects start with a project initiation meeting and this is usually done at your office – although you are more than welcome to visit us for that. This gives us a chance to review the proposal, go through the production process and identify where we’ll need your input. There will be various review / amend and sign off stages throughout the project – scripts, storyboards, visual styles, first edits etc. so we also use the meeting to agree these key milestone review dates.

Once the project begins we can usually do all reviews online and correspond by phone and email. Our clients generally prefer this as they can review content in their own time and in a situation that is comfortable for them. If feedback is expected from a wider team we’ll ask for your project lead to collate all that and communicate that back in one go.

You can be as involved as much as you want to, whether that’s fully hands on, fully hands off or somewhere in between. Customer service is very important to us and our aim is to assure your complete satisfaction both with the production process and the end video or animation. We also guarantee to always deliver projects on time and to the agreed quote.

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